This is my very first tests of special effects made within LISAA (Paris) during my first year of Game3D.
  • Trone post apocalyptique Low Poly
  • Throne_Contest_Artwork_Detail_Baptiste_Pacaud_Erades
  • Mazda 6 Low Poly

Props Throne and car

I wanted to realize a post-apocalyptic throne after i'v seen a competition on the Polycount's forums. I've never made a car and the throne is constituted by carcasses of cars. So I have modelised cars in perfect condition.
  • Tonneau Low Poly
  • Caisse Low Poly

New scene, new style !

After several tries and having seen several on-line formations, I dabbled in a more realistic style to be closer to the current market's requirements. My goal was to make a more elaborate scene that the previous ones with a more professional methodology, by using different maps, Zbrush and the Quixel Suit. The scene will represent a kind of medina. It…

Demoreel 2014

I have the pleasure to reveal my 2014 demoreel ! This summer, I dabbled in handpainted style with diffuse only. It’s also my first demoreel with scenes builded with the Unity engine.